Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive visual examinations are performed by our doctors of optometry with assistance from our highly trained staff. They place great importance on doing a thorough examination to enable our patients to maintain outstanding vision and eye health.

Eyecare for the Whole Family

What to Expect During a

Professional Eye Examination

Below are the areas of examinations we like to cover. Addressing these certain items will allow a complete spectrum of your eye and eye health.

Comprehensive Vision Assessment

Determination of spectacle lenses or contact lenses are required to correct distance or near vision

Neurological mapping of the visual pathway (visual fields)

Diagnostic evaluation of the exterior and interior health of each eye

Additional tests for children who may be struggling with reading skills

Consultation to review the results of the examination, recommending individualize treatment

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Additional Optometry Services

Corneal Mapping

Medical imaging of the surface of the eye to detect irregularities.

Dry Eye Treatment

Specialty prescription and nutritional treatment plan for chronic dry-eye.

Eye Emergencies

Same day/ On call immediate medical attention for the eye involving incidents in which the eye might be damaged.

Disease Management

Ocular Disease Management including but not limited to Glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts.

Digital Retinal Imaging

Imaging analysis of retinal health conditions, including diabetic screening.


A no-cost, early-detection service of potential eye and vision problems in infants 6-12 months of age.

Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation

Management of conditions related to vision learning and post-traumatic events (car accidents, head injuries, sports eye injuries, post-stroke).

Specialty Contact Lenses

Customized contact lenses for precise vision needs.