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Our office prescribes most major brands of conventional soft, disposable soft and gas permeable lenses. We enjoy fitting custom and difficult contact lens prescriptions. We stock a full range of contact lens solutions and accessories as well.

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Contact Lens Brands

Lifetime Vision Care offers the latest in eyeglass styles, colors and fashion. We have a wide selection of some of the finest high quality and popular designer frames at affordable prices. Feel free to stop by and browse.

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Bausch and Lomb


Gas Permeable

Paragon CRT


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Contact Lens Evaluation

Our contact lens examinations and contact lens evaluations include analyzing the health of the outside surfaces of the eye, evaluating the contact lens design and a careful monitoring of the tear film of each eye. Our experience allows us to prescribe the contact lenses that best suit your needs for fit, comfort and vision. Our goal is to design the best contact lens program for each patient.