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Have You Recently Experienced A Head Injury? Here’s Why You Should See Your Optometrist

Whether you’ve suffered from a stroke, concussion, or traumatic brain injury (TBI) recently, studies have shown that as many as 90% of people report experiencing changes in their vision after their injury. These visual changes are often one of the first signs of a head injury and can persist well into the rehabilitation process, which is why scheduling a visit with your optometrist following a head injury should be at the top of your list.

Visual Changes That Can Result From a Head Injury

While changes in vision can make a dramatic impact on your quality of life, it can be difficult to identify and explain what you’re experiencing. Some signs of visual impairment can include: blurred vision, strained eyes, difficulty reading, color deficits, and increased sensitivity to light. These compromised visual conditions can lead to frequent headaches, difficulty with balance, fatigue, and challenges with daily tasks.

With early intervention, an optometrist is able to tailor their care to help educate every patient through their road to recovery.

Protecting Eye Health Following a Head Injury

Optometrists play a vital role in the evaluation and treatment of concussions and other head injuries. A visual rehabilitation plan that includes vision therapy can make a dramatic difference in the success of your overall rehabilitation following a concussion or head injury. Proper eye care, which includes in-person exams, can detect signs of undiagnosed head injuries while addressing and reducing the risk of deterioration.

To maximize the effectiveness of treatment, doctors are able to coordinate with each other to provide the most comprehensive care possible. Being able to provide important information from a visit to the optometrist allows the entire care team to work towards your recovery. When fully engaged as a part of the healthcare team, optometrists can help prevent, detect, and reduce the symptoms of a concussion or other head injury.

The Importance of Early Intervention

Without proper intervention from an optometrist, the presence of visual conditions can drastically affect the rehabilitation process. A visit to the optometrist following a head injury can leave you feeling informed and empowered to overcome any visual barriers that you may be experiencing. Vision is one of our most dominant senses and many challenges that occur from a head injury are treatable. Take action and receive early intervention from an optometrist as soon as possible.

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