COVID-19 Update


Q: Is your office still open?

A: Yes, the governor allowed medical offices to open for non-urgent care, including routine vision and medical eye care visits. We are following strict cleaning guidelines for the safety of our patients and staff. Please call the office (541-382-3242) or fill out an online request so we can assist you in scheduling. We have a doctor on call for medical emergencies. Alternatively, we are offering using telehealth services to connect with our doctors safely.

Q: Have your hours changed?

A: Yes, we have returned back to our normal business hours, Monday through Friday. We are also offering telehealth visits and correspondence through our patient portal. Please call and we will help you get set up on the portal.

Q: How Do I Prepare To Visit The Office?

A: When you arrive, our staff will do a non-contact temperature screening and ensure you have a mask in the entryway. Please wear a mask and if you do not have one we will provide one to you. We are taking extra measures to deep clean and manage the number of patients in our office for everyone’s protection.

Q: What is telehealth and how do I schedule an appointment?

A: Telehealth appointment allows you to see our doctors “face to face” through a
HIPAA secure web link. These visits are simple and convenient, and can be done
from home, the office, virtually anywhere. You may request a telehealth
appointment by visiting our website. You may also call the office for scheduling a
telehealth appointment and our staff will help you.

Q: What do I do if I’m running out of contacts?

A: Please call or email us, 541-328-3242 or to schedule your contact lens examination. We are offering to extend contact lens prescriptions for a short time. When you contact the office, we can ship them directly to your home with NO charge to you.

If you wear RGP’s or speciality contact lenses, please call us for more information
on how we can help you.

Q: Can I pick up my glasses and contacts?

A: Yes of course, please come pick up your glasses and/or contact lenses! We also
offer shipping for your new glasses and/or contact lenses with NO charge. If you
prefer to come into the office, we are asking that you let us know you are coming. We can either curbside deliver or set a personal appointment time with our opticians. If you still owe a balance on your hardware we ask that you please call ahead of time and pay over the phone if possible.

As a reminder, ordering and picking up glasses/contacts is not a medical
emergency, and therefore please reserve contacting the on-call doctor for eye

Q: Is optical open for glasses ordering?

A: Yes, our optical department is open on an appointment basis. In order to properly social distance we are requiring appointments for glasses ordering. Please reach out by phone or email and we will happy to designate a time for you.

Q: What do I do if I run out of prescription drops?

A: First please contact your pharmacy so they can send us a request. We can also
get you set up on the patient portal if possible and correspond with you that way.