Why Vision Exams Really Matter

It’s the new year and the perfect time to prioritize your eye health this year. If you’re seeing fine you may be thinking, then why do I need to get an eye exam? Thorough eye exams are much more thorough than just your typical vision screening. Eye exams are significant not only for your eyes and vision but also for your overall health as well.

Eye Progression:

Scheduling and attending annual eye exams allow for your optometrist to examine your eyes every year and notate results. They are then able to track the health of your eyes over time and determine trends. These compiled results looked at over a period of time will be able to determine if your vision has been maintained or if it is declining. Additionally, if you are in a profession that requires frequent relocation these records can be transferred to your new optometrist to allow them to have a history and baseline for the health of your eyes and vision much like regular medical records.

Eye Issues:

Annual eye exams are able to determine the health of your eyes as a whole. They can detect minor problems that can be corrected with medicine, glasses, vision therapy, and more. They can also detect more serious issues like cataracts, glaucoma, and the like. Detecting eye disease early allows for a proactive plan of action for treatment. Acting fast can salvage your eye health and even eliminate, in some cases the chance of total vision loss.

Other Health Issues:

Although it may be hard to fully comprehend, your eyes are indicators of other underlying health conditions. Certain aspects like eye pressure, blood vessels, and shape can be possible warning signs for other underlying health concerns. Noticing these issues could help diagnose a significant illness and provide ample time to address them and seek help.

Vision Issues:

Did you know that your eyes can overcompensate for one another? That means that your vision could actually be blurred without your knowledge. It takes an eye doctor to truly determine your exact vision and potential abnormalities.

At Lifetime Vision Care in Bend, Oregon we care about you and your eye health. Putting off eye exams and delaying screening can allow eye disease to rum rampant while going undetected. We provide thorough exams to ensure your eyes are not only healthy today but also in the future. Prioritize your eyes and your future and schedule your appointment with one of our optometrist at Lifetime Vision Care in Bend today!

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