Eye strain

Do you find yourself feeling the strain from staring at the screen?

Whether you are working from home, or attending school online your eye may be suffering. Did you know that at least 70% of the information we take in daily is visual? 

  • Both adults and children compensate to get through their tasks
  • There is more visual demand when using phones, tablets, computers due to close working distance and backlit surface
  • Digital eye strain can cause significant discomfort:  sore or tired eyes, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, and even neck or shoulder pain
  • Digital eye strain affects work productivity and accuracy, even if symptoms are mild.  
  • As the day progresses, and screen time accumulates, ocular muscle fatigue will significantly affect accuracy, productivity, and comfort
  • Glasses can balance the need of each eye, relieving the focusing stress
  • Styles of glasses can be customized to reflect your work station
  • Special lens coatings are prescribed for addressing glare and eye fatigue
Working from home

We know that working from home and staring at your computer screen leaves your eyes feeling fatigued. Your children may be feeling this strain as well with virtual learning, ABC Mouse, and other academic programs that are streamed electronically. You can continue to work while your eyes get the break they not only need but also deserve by grabbing glasses for treating digital eye strain. 

Online Class

Lifetime Vision Care is encouraging you to protect your eyes, reduce your strain, and address your school/ work station.   Starting now, until the end of September, 20% OFF of personalized glasses for treating digital eye strain

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