8 Common Reasons Why Your Eyes Twitch and How To Resolve It

Eye twitching is a common condition that is characterized by uncontrollable muscle spasms in the eyelids. While the muscle spasms that cause the twitching are involuntary and can happen anywhere around the body, eye twitching mostly affects one of the lower eyelids. Though the upper eyelids may also be affected.
Eye twitches will go away on their own in most cases, but it is important to find out what the cause might be to find a way to resolve it…

1) Caffeine

Too much caffeine in your system can cause your eyelids to twitch. Try avoiding coffee and other caffeine rich foods such as energy drinks, chocolates, and tea for a couple of weeks to see if the twitching stops. Alternatively, you can switch to decaf coffee if you do not want to give up coffee as a whole.

2) Exhaustion

The muscles that keep your eyelids open may be weakened by exhaustion, which could be leading to the twitching. If you have not been getting the necessary amount of sleep each night (6-7 hours at least) you should try to make it a priority and see if the twitching stops. Though even if it isn’t the solution to the twitching, it will probably solve a number of other issues you could be having as sleep is extremely important for you to function normally.

3) Eyestrain

Squinting or straining your eyes regularly can also cause your eyelids to twitch. If you spend extended periods of time in front of a computer screen consider taking regular breaks to avoid eyestrain. Following the 20/20/20 rule can temporarily help with the strain your computer work may be causing you. You can also try wearing sunglasses if you squint a lot outside. Finally, your eyes may also be strained if your prescription glasses are needing an upgrade.


4) Dryness in The Eyes

If the surface of your eyes are dry, you might develop a twitch in one of your eyelids. You may suffer from dry eyes if you consume too much caffeine, alcohol, sit in front of a computer for extended periods, are over 50 years in age, or use some medications associated with such side effects. You should see a physician if your eyes feel dry and you develop a twitch with either side of your eyelids.

5) Overindulging In Alcohol And Tobacco

Alcohol can cause eye twitching because it usually relaxes all the muscles in the body once consumed. Cigarette smoking on the other hand relaxes your skeletal muscles, while stimulating the heart. In both cases, the muscles in the eyelids end up being exhausted, which can be one of the possible causes. If you think your twitching eye might be caused by cigarette smoking or alcohol consumption, consider reducing your rate of consumption, or better yet, quitting completely! There are many resources available to you to get help with quitting.

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6) Stress

One of the common physical effects of stress is twitching eyelids. To resolve this, simply try reducing your levels of stress by taking some time off and prioritizing your health. Everyone needs a break now and again, so be kind to yourself!

7) Nutrition

Your eyelids may start twitching if your diet lacks some nutrients such as magnesium and potassium. Consult your family doctor or nutritionist if you think that your diet may be to blame. They will be able to recommend foods like nuts, bananas, and avocados or products rich in the minerals you might be lacking.


8) Allergies

Another common cause of twitching eyelids is allergies. During allergic reactions the eyes swell and become itchy. Rubbing the eyes leads to the release of histamine into the tears and eyelids causing your eyelids to twitch in some cases. While antihistamines may be recommended to resolve allergic reactions, they may cause dryness in the eyes. This can cause the twitching to continue. To find a treatment that will resolve the twitching and allergies consult your physician.

In most cases, eye twitching goes away without the need for a doctor’s intervention. However, if it persists it’s best that you seek professional medical advice to be sure nothing more is going on with your vision health.

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