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Vision Therapy Program

Visually Related Learning Disabilities

It is estimated that one out of every six children is 2 or more grade levels behind in reading. As many as 80% of these children have a profound near vision problem. They may see 20/20 but they have poor eye tracking, eye aiming and focusing skills that cause fatigue and frustration. Many teenagers and adults also have these problems and as a result have headaches, eyestrain, motion sickness and difficulty with comprehension as a result of their poorly developed visual system.


Our doctors perform a comprehensive nearpoint vision analysis on all patients, especially children, in order to detect any vision problem that may affect learning. If deemed appropriate, they will prescribe stress-relieving glasses and/or a program of vision therapy to allow the eye muscles to work efficiently and as a team.

Some signs to look for:

  • Holding printed material close to eyes
  • Headaches, blurred or double vision while reading
  • Using finger or bookmark to keep place
  • Skipping words or lines of print unknowingly
  • Comprehension declining as reading continues
  • Moving head back and forth while reading
  • Learning is much better if material is presented orally rather than visually
  • Concerns with schoolwork performance
  • Frustrations with homework

A specifically designed program for those with vision-related disabilities

Our Vision Therapy Program originated in 1984 by Dr. Carl Ryan and his wife Sue, an educational specialist. They were instructed by Dr. William and Mrs. Diane Ludlam, pioneers in the field of Vision Therapy. Combined with the consultation of Dr. Joel Zaba, an author and researcher who lectures throughout the United States on the topic of children, vision, and learning, a complete program was developed. Dr. Derri Sandberg has brought further experience to the Vision Therapy Program after her involvement with a Portland clinic that specializes in pediatric eye care and vision therapy including strabismus (eye turns) and amblyopia (lazy eyes).

A program with real results

Vision therapist Shantia has experience in vision therapy since 1999. Shantia is AOA certified Paraoptometric Assistant and is committed to delivering excellence in the Vision Therapy Program at Lifetime Vision Care.

During the program, we use a very effective, yet straight forward approach to vision therapy. The therapy is carried out in a warm and caring atmosphere. Our program is approximately 8 weeks and in which the activities are prescribed and monitored by our doctors. Each patient meets with Shantia for weekly in-office sessions and completes prescribed vision therapy homework on a daily basis. Upon completion of the program, patients are re-examined by our doctors to evaluate progress, and a maintenance program is specifically designed for each patient.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Sandberg is the best! Her passion for her work is evident in her care, she's up on the latest technology, and she is trustworthy in her recommendations. She'll get you in the right contacts/glasses."
    Sara F.
  • "Dr. Minnis is not only a great doctor but a very sweet kind person who cares deeply about her patients- cannot recommend her enough!"
    We're Livingahappierlife